· Read very carefully prior to making a purchase:

  • This is a very simple and easy to use website, no need to register or provide password or security details, just click to select the items you want and pay with Paypal - it couldn't be simpler. We take internet security very seriously which is why we use Paypal - a world renowned and trusted payment system. I'm glad to say we have never been hacked, but even if we ever were, the hackers would obtain zero data about you as it is all held by Paypal, nothing is kept by us. Nevertheless, if you are UK based and would prefer to pay by another method such as cheque, postal order, cash or bank transfer do please let us know.
  • This shop has been created for the sale of the contents of a single Madness collection resulting from two lifelong Madness fans getting married and ending up with 2 of everything the band have ever released! Consequently, for the majority of items listed on this website, there is just one of each available. As far as possible the prices advertised are the price we paid when we bought them, usually adjusted slightly to allow for postage costs etc. Our sole purpose is to sell all of our spare Madness items and keep just one of everything to create a bit of space at home whilst also helping others fill a few holes in their own collections. It is a hobby shop and any profits made are very small - nevertheless we still keep detailed accounts of everything we sell and pay full UK income tax on all profits made, both from this website as well as from our Ebay accounts.

  • If you want more than one of a specific item, you are welcome to try to buy several of them through this site via Paypal, we will send you as many as we have and refund you in full for those we cannot supply.

  • This website is updated approx once every 24 hours accordingly there is a possibility (albeit very rare) that the item you are buying may have already sold to someone else earlier in the day. If this happens we will refund you in full, the moment we next update the site. We apologise for being unable to fulfil your order in such circumstances and we know how annoying this can be, so we do try our hardest to update the site as frequently as we can to avoid disappointments of this nature.

  • A Paypal account is required for all automated transactions carried out on this website.

  • Items will be sent to the address specified by Paypal so please contact us should you need your order to be  sent elsewhere.

  • Payment by UK cheque, UK Postal Order, UK cash (paid over the counter at most high street banks or sent by registered post) or Bank Transfer are also accepted, please email us to reserve the items for you and explain how you wish to pay and we will forward the payment details to you.

  • For purchases in the UK we will pay the postage for all orders that total £10 or more. For orders that are less than £10 it will be necessary to pay a p&p charge of £2.50 which you can select beneath the Royal Mail logo at the top of each page. For purchases to be delivered outside the UK we will pack and weigh your order and send you a Paypal invoice for the postage at cost price. If the postage cost is higher than you were anticipating we can easily send you a full refund instead. Alternatively you are welcome to contact us for a postage quotation before ordering.

  • Valuable parcels will be sent within the UK with additional insurance paid for at our own expense.

  • We post most items by Royal Mail Second Class and aim for all UK items to arrive within 5-10 working days of cleared funds being received. If you require a specific order to be received urgently do please contact us straight away so we prioritise it. Next day delivery is often possible but you will need to contact us first so we can arrange additional payment for an express delivery Royal Mail / courier service.

  • We aim for all International items to arrive between within 10-20 days of cleared
    funds being received.

  • Items can be collected directly from us in London or Brighton by prior appointment only.

  • Please remember the majority of our items are second hand, however they are all in excellent condition or better unless otherwise stated. If we find an item ordered is not in the condition described we always try to contact the buyer before we post it in case you want to change your mind.

  • The item you receive will usually, but not always, be the actual item shown in the image on this website. In instances where we have more than one of the same identical item, the item you receive may not be the actual item shown, but will be in at least as good condition as that which is shown and described.

  • All items are standard UK issues unless otherwise stated.

  • Feel free to contact us if you have queries about specific items.

  • Feel free to contact us if you are looking to make a very large order as a discount may be possible.

  • Should you wish to acquire this entire collection of items, please feel free to contact us - we can throw the website in for free should you want it to sell on any spares you end up with!

  • In the rare instance of a problem with your order, please attempt to resolve matters directly with us, prior to considering submission of a formal Paypal claim, people who make Paypal and Credit Card claims before seeking to resolve matters with us first will not be treated favourably by us should they place future orders and in extreme cases will be blocked from buying from us again.

  • The copyright of all the images made for this website together with the RM logo and the names "The 'Retro' Madness Shop" and "Retro-Madness" are owned by Emma and Chris of Retro-Madness. Images from this website may be neither copied nor used on any other website, email attachment or publication without our prior consent.

  • You will find only deleted official Madness items at We strongly recommend the band's own shop at for all current official Madness items. We are not here to seek to compete with the band's current merchandisers - the service we provide is to supply vintage retro items to fans and collectors who are looking for specific items from the past that they cannot obtain anywhere else.

· Our Purpose:

  • This website is owned by two Madness fans who, having been together for the past 13 years have realised that maintaining two comprehensive Madness collections is excessive! Therefore with some reluctance the decision has been made to part with one of our collections, to free up some space at home and also to enable other fans to have the opportunity of filling a few holes in their own collections. The prices advertised are generally the prices we paid when we bought these items, therefore discounts are difficult but if you are placing a large order please feel free to propose something to us.

  • There are over 2,000 different items currently available in this Madness store, there are many hundreds more items to be added, but this will be done gradually when other items sell. 2,000 items is around the maximum capacity for this site without significantly slowing its performance. Feel free to keep checking back over the next weeks, months and years to see the additional items that we will be steadily adding. Our purpose is to sell our spare collection in its entirity, when everything has sold this site will cease to be. Please do not ask about items we have yet to add as they will not be available to purchase until they are listed on this site.

  • Feel free to contact us should you be looking to sell your own Madness items. We are still maintaining our primary collection which we are constantly adding to. For items we do not require ourselves, we may still be able to offer advice and assistance to you. For general valuation advice please try and find the items on this website before contacting us as the prices shown on this website are the best guide to values.

  • In addition to the pages of items we are selling, we also provide info on other Madness topics / trivia which can be viewed from the other buttons located below the shop menu bar. When it comes to excellent reference websites, Madness fans are already very well served by the Official site and the MIS Online site. Accordingly, rather than replicate these excellent resources our aim is to provide detail on other specific matters of interest not covered by these other sites, so in many ways our objective is to provide the ultimate online service for Madness collectors and connoisseurs! 

  • This site is intended to provide a reliable and friendly service to complement the range of facilities available to the Madness fan community and to help fans fill holes in their Madness collections. We are driven by a desire to help spread a bit more Madness around the globe and to help fill the void that has been left by the sad demise of the UK's small independent record shops in recent years. Selling second hand Madness items at more or less cost price is very time consuming and definitely not financially rewarding, other than enabling us to recover some of the money we have spent on Madness collectables over the years. We have been trusted and reliable members of the Madness fan community for many years and we hope to continue to be so for many years to come.

Emma & Chris x



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